Harnessing the Potential of SOD1 AffiREC in Molecular Research


"SOD1 AffiRec" likely refers to a molecular construct or assay designed to specifically bind and recognize SOD1 (Superoxide Dismutase 1). It could be utilized for various purposes such as protein purification, detection, or interaction studies involving SOD1. The "AffiRec" part may suggest that it involves an affinity-based recognition system, indicating that it selectively binds to SOD1 with high affinity. This could be useful in research settings for studying the function, regulation, or interactions of SOD1 in biological systems.

 SOD1 AffiREC Applications 

Protein Purification

SOD1 AffiREC can be utilized to purify SOD1 protein from complex biological samples, facilitating biochemical and structural studies aimed at understanding its function and regulation.  

Interaction Studies

 It enables the study of SOD1 interactions with other molecules, proteins, or cellular components, providing insights into its role in various cellular processes and disease pathways.  

Diagnostic Tools

It can be incorporated into diagnostic assays for detecting SOD1 levels in biological samples, aiding in the diagnosis and monitoring of diseases associated with oxidative stress imbalance.  

 SOD1 AffiREC Features 


SOD1 AffiREC can be adapted for various applications including protein purification, detection, interaction studies, and drug screening


It provides efficient capture and isolation of SOD1 from diverse sample types, allowing for reliable and reproducible results.


Researchers can modify the design and parameters of SOD1 AffiREC to optimize its performance for specific experimental needs or applications.


SOD1 AffiREC is compatible with a range of experimental techniques and platforms, enhancing its utility in different research settings

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