Precision Tools for Ubiquitin Research: Unlocking Insights with AffiRec Recombinant Proteins

Ubiquitin Recombinant Proteins AffiRec

Ubiquitin Recombinant Proteins AffiRec refers to a specific type of ubiquitin recombinant protein produced by the AffiRec platform. These proteins are synthetically generated using recombinant DNA technology, where the ubiquitin gene is introduced into a host organism for expression. AffiRec technology may employ specialized expression systems or techniques to enhance protein yield, purity, or functional properties. These Ubiquitin Recombinant Proteins AffiRec serve as valuable tools in research, enabling scientists to explore the diverse roles of ubiquitin in cellular processes such as protein degradation, signaling, and regulation.

Ubiquitin Recombinant Proteins AffiRec Applications 

Protein Degradation Studies


Ubiquitin Recombinant Proteins AffiRec can be utilized to investigate the mechanisms of protein degradation mediated by the ubiquitin-proteasome system (UPS). Researchers can use these proteins to study ubiquitin conjugation to target proteins, ubiquitin chain assembly, and substrate recognition by the proteasome.

Drug Discovery and Development

AffiRec-produced ubiquitin proteins are valuable tools in drug discovery efforts targeting the UPS and ubiquitin-mediated processes. These proteins can be used in high-throughput screening assays to identify small molecules or compounds that modulate ubiquitin signaling, protein degradation, or protein-protein interactions for therapeutic purposes.

Ubiquitin Proteomics and Profiling

Ubiquitin Recombinant Proteins AffiRec serve as valuable standards or controls in mass spectrometry-based ubiquitin proteomics studies. These proteins facilitate the identification and quantification of ubiquitin-modified proteins and sites of ubiquitin conjugation, providing insights into cellular ubiquitin signaling networks and dynamics.


Ubiquitin Recombinant Proteins AffiRec Features 

High Purity

Ubiquitin Recombinant Proteins AffiRec are typically produced using advanced purification techniques, resulting in highly pure protein preparations suitable for a wide range of applications.


Some AffiRec platforms offer customization options, allowing researchers to select specific ubiquitin variants, modifications, or conjugation sites to meet their research needs.


These proteins are often generated to be homogeneous in terms of size, structure, and post-translational modifications, allowing for consistent and reproducible experimental results.


Ubiquitin Recombinant Proteins AffiRec may exhibit enhanced stability compared to native ubiquitin, allowing for prolonged storage and use in various experimental conditions.

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Deciphering Proteasome Complexity: Harnessing the Potential of AffiREC Proteins for Research and Biotechnology